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Black Dirt Flow

This is the signature class at The Body Art Studio. It is the perfect combination of breathing, movement, and philosophy. Students will certainly feel inspired to push their practice to different level as many variations of postures will be explored in depth. Some previous Yoga experience is recommended but not necessary.

Black Dirt Deep

A super juicy class jam packed with deep stretches, and deep movement, and deep philosophy.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a practice that blends together the two traditional art forms of yoga and aerial dance. For centuries people have found freedom while flowing through yoga postures as well as dancing in the skies. All classes utilize an aerial yoga hammock that is made from a soft fabric strong enough to support our body weight (and then some). This gorgeous yoga hammock is a wonderful tool to teach students how to align their bodies within a variety of yoga postures as well as experiencing inversions without any compression on the spine! One does not need any experience in yoga, acrobatics or aerial dance to reap the benefits of this class. Students of all levels are welcome!

Black Dirt Circus School

Join in on the fun at the Body Art Playshop! We utilize all of our favorite toys and learn the basics of the Lyra, the Split Silk and the Aerial Hammock! This class is great for teens and young, playful adults.

Barefoot BootCamp

In this class we will take advantage of the core strengthening abilities of the Aerial Hammocks! Think gym style work out with out the sneakers, weights, florescent lighting, and loud noise! Same results, just a little more peaceful and graceful!

Black Dirt Basics

This class is great for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of breathing and linking breath to movement. The poses are broken down and articulated in a rudimentary way so that all bodies may enjoy the benefits of Yoga. No previous Yoga experience necessary.

Black Dirt Special: Half Price Yoga

This is our tribute to Friday and a week well done. Dim lights, soft music, juicy postures utilizing excessive props: it’s like a vacation for your body! In this class you may not work up a sweat, but you will receive mini acupressure treatment to accompany your final relaxation. All this nectar happens for HALF the price of a regular class! We heART you!

Karma for the People

This is a donation based class! Pay what you can. This is an introductory class that is suitable for all levels of practitioners. The intention here is Yoga. Bring your curious friends, family, and/or scrutinizing counterparts: we’re sure everyone will be hooked!

Black Dirt Master Mixer: Yoga and Silks

This is the updated version of the Masters Class. Here we’ve combined our Masters Class with the newest member of our family: The Silky Hammocks. The result is a mixed blend of floor work and attempts at defying gravity. Using the silk hammocks as a prop can invite the possibility of some seriously fun tricks. Fear not this class! It’s about playfulness, experimentation, group work and returning to the innocence of being like a child!

Black Dirt Bliss

This is a class with easily accessible poses, breath and meditation. We will leave the head stands to the younger folks. Perfect class for age 40 and up, and those who need a more restorative and contemplative class. It is never too late to start yoga, beginners and advanced students welcome. Experience the benefits of yoga, more flexibility, strength and a clear, quiet mind.