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Teacher Training


The Body Art Studio Teacher Training


The Body Art Barn Summer Yoga Apprenticeship

July 12th-August 17th
6am – 2pm

Join us this summer for a seriously transformative work/study immersion and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.
July 12th-August 17th 6am-2pm excluding Wednesdays and Saturdays. $2,100 with payment plans available. Sign up now to reduce your monthly payments and start taking classes for free!

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Michelle Dawson

Michelle Dawson combines the best of Eastern tradition and Modern rebellion to reach the sacred poise of body and mind. She brings to class passion and grace, encouraging students to push the boundaries of their own practice. With a teaching style enriched with experience and study, Michelle’s students marvel in her invigorating, uplifting, and balanced approach to Yoga. Her classes are an extension of her love for art and music, and her influences include Mehndi, the ancient Indian art of adorning the body with Henna. Michelle is an Ananda Ashram-certified yoga teacher and the owner and operator of The Body Art Studio.


A contemporary teacher training for the modern day Yogi. Plan to deepen your Yoga practice and utilize down to earth wisdom to broaden your understanding and articulation of this ancient science. When a student of Yoga understands and lives the art of Yoga, he leads by example and therefore, becomes the teacher.


Commit to a six month course that meets for three consecutive days/modules once a month. Learn a creative teaching methodology that includes Pranayama, Asana, Sanskrit, and Scripture. The Body Art Studio Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance recognized training.


The total cost of the training is $3000. All Regular Yoga classes at The Body Art Studio are included in this tuition. Payment plans are available.


Click on over to the application page and check it out. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns and remember, taking a teacher training has less to do with becoming a Yoga Teacher and more to do with living your Yoga. We want to grow with you.

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